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eddie "blues" barney

Climbing the charts!

Eddie Blues Barney set a goal to be proficient in his smooth Blues vocals, blues jazzy guitar style and dynamic harmonica sound." His colleagues and fans feel he has achieved what he set out to do!




Eddie is taking a slight break from touring to take care of family business, but check back for updated touring dates.



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Eddie Blues Barney was born near the famous blues highway known as “Highway 61”. The atmosphere was filled with Soul music and Blues, and Eddie would sneak in the local Juke Joints as a kid and listen to the sounds of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, Jackie Wilson, Tyrone Davis, Gene Chandler and so many more, which moved him to become a Soul singer.

After moving to Flint, MI in 1970 to work in the automobile industry Eddie became self-taught at jazz guitar, influenced by many jazz guitarist that played as much Blues as they did Jazz. His Blues would become fused with Jazz and along with the harmonica and his singing, he began to garner a small following in the local Blues clubs and festivals.

Eddie Blues Barney is well known for creating songs instantly while on stage. He loves creating his own music based on his life experiences.



Label / LoopNetMusic, info@loopnetmusic.com, (260)450-6535

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